Live Presenter

Football Commentary on Melody


Hello, my name is Spacey and I will be doing some commentary work on some football, otherwise known as soccer matches after the break period ends.

Who am I?

My name is Spacey, I am the Senior Executive at Melody. I was one of the first people to rejoin Melody as a staff member after Tom brought it back.

I have a good interest in commentary and speaking on the radio, so I think it would be worth the time to give this a shot!

What matches will you commentate on?

I'll be doing a lot of matches from many leagues. Such as MLS, Premier League, Bundesliga, League of Ireland, etc.

When will you start?

As stated in my last report on Melody, the team has taken a 7-14 day break to mourn Queen Elizabeth II.

After the break has ended, I might get some custom sounds for the show and we will be celebrating goals like no other station!

If you also have an interest in commentating or in Radio, feel free to apply via our links. 



Senior Executive of Melody.